This page will display all services and packages that we have to offer ,with full descriptions of the services, we made this as simple as possible, and all main prices will be discussed when we get your project.

All prices are really low, we make it this way so you can afford a really nice looking website or social network.

Please pick the service you require and contact us via the contact us page.


Standard website design.


The design project will be at your personal specs only and we will only advise you on extra features that can be added that will be part of your package.

Below is a list all the features that are given in a standard design package with no extra features to give you a general idea.

  1. Background and main page design with color and images (if required).
  2. Full text and body.
  3. 1 year hosting and tech support.
  4. Custom domain name.
  5. Custom site banner.
  6. Your own personal shop to sell your products (optional to your site specs and theme).
  7. Your own shop with 10 products.
  8. Social icons to connect and like with social networks.
  9. Submit to major search engines.

 We will extend your hosting after a year for a small cost, this cost will only be for the domain name and server space, this will not cost much, so do not worry, you may opt out if you wish, but we will remind you one month before your website comes to the end of its term,




Social network design.


We will create you a great social network that will pull in the members and rival Facebook.

Our building tools will let us create a supurb state of the art social network bespoked to your personal needs.

Below is what you get with the social network package.


  1. A superb splash advertising page with sign up icons.
  2. A blog.
  3. A chatroom.
  4. Your own personal banner and logo.
  5. Customised to your own personal theme.
  6. A free domain name.
  7. Personal profile pages for members.
  8. Activity feed.
  9. Forums.
  10. Social network sign up.
  11. Submit to all major search engines.


We can add extra widgets and chat rooms for extra prices.

We will submit your social network to Google and Yahoo after completion.


These are all the standard features for website design and if you require extra features you must email us your ideas and we will create them for ,but extra costs may apply.