We are a standard and social network design company and we design bespoke websites for everyone.

We provide the cheapest and best value websites and hosting on the web, for everyone who wishes to have a bespoke website or social network that could rival Facebook.

Our full design packages are suited around you and all design projects take from around 3 weeks for a simple website to 6 months for a functional social network.

We can design anything you wish and we can provide a great service 24 hours a day.



  • Full 24 hour website design in any time tone.
  • Full banner creation.
  • Website body and full text by your request.
  • Standard website design and publishing.
  • Full social network design.
  • We can add a shop with your products.
  • Set up PayPal instructions.
  • Add blogs and forums.
  • Add chat rooms.
  • Add your own bespoke domain name.
  • Fully design all fonts and site colors.
  • Add your site to Google and Yahoo etc.
  • Make a bespoke Ebay listing using HTML.
  • Create a solace banner for your site with your own specs.
  • Create a chat site.
  • We can make almost anything you wish and to your specs.



(You can see more of our services and packages in the products page.)

To see some of our creations and websites made over the years, please look at the pictures below to see what you will expect for a standard website.